Acquire, Connect and Analyze leads with AI

Convert More Leads with LeadVantage

LeadVantage tools help car dealers convert more leads with less effort, powered by ChatGPT.

LeadVantage Acquire

LeadVantage Acquire is a platform for dealers to procure exclusive private party used car leads from the proprietary 99 Drive used car funnel.

Every lead is highly targeted.

Every lead is text verified.

Every lead is exclusive to your dealership.

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LeadVantage Connect

LeadVantage Connect is a fully automated AI solution, nurturing leads via phone and text message to drive more live calls and appointments.

Get on the phone in less than one minute.

Automatically follow up with text.

Powered by ChatGPT.

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LeadVantage Analyze

LeadVantage Analyze is an automotive mystery shopping platform powered by AI, simulating a real customer persona to analyze a car dealership’s lead follow-up practices.

Supports sales, service and trade-in lead channels.

Unbiased insights into your follow-up process.

Stay ahead of the competition with artificial intelligence.

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“With LeadVantage tools, my reps are able to focus on the most important activities, leading to more closed transactions in less time.”

Michael Walsh, Owner, Tracy Chevrolet